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In Brief - February 2016

Patrick Romansik, Chairman, COHVCO Board of Directors

Needed Volunteer Personnel at this time:

  • Secretary
  • Business Manager
  • Event Managers

New Newsletter/Magazine, Quarterly - "The Navigator" New look will be similar to a newsstand magazine. We need articles from anyone about OHV and any advertisers that would like to place ads. The Board is very excited about this New Magazine. It will be produced by a professional company with national advertisers and all articles will come from the OHV Community and approved by members of the COVHCO Board of Directors. Club advertisers, business members of COHVCO and local supporters are also welcome to advertise in the magazine. Please send in your advertisement requests and articles to at this time.

Donation Letter - Letter sent out to obtain needed funds for land use advocacy (i.e. building, re-building trails (signage, tree cutting, re-routes, drainage) - Building relationships with State clubs and State and Federal agencies and funds needed for land advocacy, pro-active legislation and litigation if needed. More donations needed. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DONATIONS RECEIVED SO FAR!!!

COHVCO Workshop 2015 - Huge Success. Workshop dealt with working relationships with cities/towns, counties and the OHV Community working together to bring economic influx to the cities/towns and counties, working together with the local businesses, chamber of commerce, BLM, Forest Service, Game and Fish, local, state and federal parks, national organizations such as NOHVCC, Trails Preservation Alliance, organizations such as Great Outdoors Consulting who ran the workshop for COHVCO, law enforcement, Towns of Meeker, Lake City and Craig, land owners who graze cattle on BLM ground, Stay the Trail and other OHV clubs. Rides were educational with areas of interest and needs being addressed. If I left anyone out, please write an article about your organization and accept my apologies.

COHVCO Workshop 2016 - More information to follow as we begin to set it up.

COHVCO Workshop 2017 - The Board has voted to sponsor 2 workshops per year beginning in 2017.

Membership Cards - COHVCO is in the process of sending all current members and then new members “actual” Membership cards to fill up your wallet. I am shooting for in the future that by carrying these cards, businesses, hotels and merchants will give COHVCO members discounts.

COHVCO Stickers - We will be sending out COHVCO stickers to members. Please display them proudly and show your support for the lobbing, legislation and communication COVHCO provides its members to keep our trails open and safe.

Recent Wins - More detailed information to come from President Scott Jones

  • Suit involving trails in the Rico West Dolores/alpine triangle area of the San Juan Forest.
  • Legislation to release WSA designation of Molars Pass riding is signed into law.
  • Greater Sage Grouse was not listed as threatened or endangered.
  • Dillon Ranger District allows construction of over 20 miles of new single track motorcycle trail outside of Silverthorne.
  • New Lynx Management areas clearly state trail usage and snow compaction are not an issue in lynx habitat.
  • The proposed expansion of parking facilities on Rabbit Ears Pass is moving forward.

Lawsuits - More detailed information to come from President Scott Jones.

  • Winter Wildlands Litigation
  • Bear Creek Trail
  • Pike/San Isabel MVUM Challenge

Recreational usage issues and concerns - More detailed information to come from President Scott Jones.

  • COHVCO Economic Contribution Study
  • Front Range Flooding Closures
  • USFS has released a new proposed winter travel management rule
  • Magnolia Proposal on Boulder Ranger District
  • Bear Creek Trail watershed
  • Efforts to insure that grant funding is timely and easy for clubs to use
  • Participation in Governor's Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Grand Junction BLM Resource Plan
  • Wilderness Proposals
  • OHV permits on plated vehicles
  • OHV registration number size increases
  • Western Governor's ESA proposal/meetings

COHVCO, NOHVCC and NAMRC to begin to work together more closely to benefit the OHV Community.

Tenderfoot Mountain - Long term construction project that is just outside Silverthorne - Trails added saved/added over some strong environmentalist objections - GOOD JOB TASK FORCE COMMITTEE!!

MHJC Land Advocacy Conference - More information to come from MHJC about their conference in 2016.

ALL-4-Fun - 50th Annual MHJC Event - July 30th - August 6th in Empire, CO. See their website for more information at

This is in Brief. Your COHVCO staff members, representatives, lobbyists, attorneys, Board Members and Volunteers really do work hard for the COHVCO members.

Till next month, travel safe and enjoy life,
Patrick Romansik
Chairman, COHVCO Board of Directors




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