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Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition
Protecting Your Motorized Access to Public Lands
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Who is COHVCO?

The mission of the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) is to represent, assist, educate, and empower OHV recreationists in the protection and promotion of off-highway motorized recreation throughout Colorado. COHVCO is an environmental organization that advocates and promotes the responsible use and conservation of our public lands and natural resources to preserve their aesthetic and recreational qualities for future generations.

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Issues at a Glance

March 9, 2017

This section is designed to highlight various issues where COHVCO,TPA, CSA and their partners and local clubs are defending public access to public lands. This glance at the issues is not an exhaustive list of the issues we are involved with, but rather is highlighting issues of statewide importance or interest. Many local issues have been favorably resolved with recent efforts but are not listed here due to space limitations. We have identified the user groups most directly impacted by each issue with a logo next to each issue.

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COHVCO News Release

February 20, 2017

Study shows OHV recreation contributes $2.3 billion annually to Colorado economy.


New Book Available Online!

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has a new book available:

Great Trails

Great Trails

The definitive guide for the planning, designing, constructing, managing and maintaining Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails.

You can download a Free electronic version, or purchase a hard copy for just $30.00.

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Economic Contribution of
Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation in Colorado

December 6, 2016

Colorado offers unique opportunities for motorized recreation throughout much of the state. As such, the sport and industry of motorized recreation has increased in popularity in Colorado, both for residents and non-residents. Pinyon Environmental Inc. evaluated the economic contribution of motorized recreation throughout Colorado for the 2014–2015 season.

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New Club Insurance Legislation

A new bill HB 17-100 is in the works, which will significantly reduce or eliminate the insurance requirements for OHV clubs working with OHV grant funds. The legislation was approved in the Colorado Senate in February 2017 and is now making its way through the Colorado House.


Colorado OHV Recreation Workshops

May 5-7, 2017 & July 14-17, 2017

The Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO), in conjunction with National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), Colorado State Parks and Wildlife, the US Forest Service, the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), will be holding two three day workshops at locations below.

We are changing things up a little this year. We are going to be providing a very technical trail building workshop this year and only giving quick updates on many other issues. The workshop will be based on the new Great Trails book from NOHVCC. See information below to download a copy of the book, so you can understand the direction the workshop is headed!

We will still do a classroom portion and an "in the field" portion, which will be very hands on and of limited value if you are not operating a trail dozer. While attendance at the classroom portion can accommodate a larger groups similar to previous years, the maximum number of people is about 50 for the "in the field" portion of the workshops at each location.

More information will be posted as it becomes available!


COHVCO is a strong voice for motorized recreation, JOIN NOW now to be a part of it! You can also DOWNLOAD THE FORM to mail.

Membership in COHVCO gives you the advantage of staying current on issues that really affect your access to public lands and will often give you the opportunity to let your individual voice be heard.

Don't ride the fence - we need you NOW!

If you are a current member of COHVCO and need to renew, please login and click the renewal button at the top right corner of the page.

Donate to SOS

Donate to SOS and display the sticker proudly on you off road vehicle and post a picture on COHVCO's Facebook page.

Help us save our sport!!!

You will receive one sticker for each $25 donation, plus additional gifts for donations of $100, or greater.

Volunteers Needed!

COHVCO is looking for committed individuals to help throughout the year to enhance the work of the COHVCO Board of Directors. Specifically, the Board is in immediate need of a Secretary to the Board. Additionally, there is always a need for volunteers to help with the COHVCO News, website, raffle operations, and so much more.

If you are interested in helping with any of COHVCO's projects please contact Jerry Abboud via email,

Thanks in advance for your help!

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